As Python package

$ pip install envdir


$ easy_install envdir

As standalone script

Alternatively you can also download a standalone executable that follows Python’s PEP 441 and works with the Python Launcher for Windows (PEP 397). Simply install the launcher from its site (downloads) and you’re ready to follow the rest of the instructions below.



The Python Launcher for Windows also provides other useful features like being able to correctly launch Python when double clicking a file with the .py file extension, a py command line tool to easily launch the interactive Python shell when you’re working on the command line. See the Python Launcher for Windows documentation for more infos.

Next step is downloading the actual standalone script. On Windows this entails using your web browser to download the following URL:

Or simply run this on the command line to trigger the download with your default web browser:


Then – from the location you downloaded the file to – run the envdir script like you would any other script:

C:\Users\jezdez\Desktop>.\envdir-0.7.pyz ..

Linux, Mac OS, others

On Linux, Mac OS and other platforms with a shell like bash simply download the standalone file from Github:

$ curl -LO

and then run the file like you would do when running the script installed by the envdir package (see above):

$ ./envdir-0.7.pyz ..